about / cv


I am an artist and illustrator based in Leeds, UK. I work primarily with drawing,
ceramics, textiles and publication design. I am interested in exploring how each
element of my practice can enter a dialogue with, and inform, the other.

Recently, my work has been concerned with themes of taste; preciousness;
personal and cultural value; curation; and the thresholds in-between these paradigms.
As a result of examining my own questionable taste, I wonder how the images I create
can exist somewhere between ugliness and beauty.


Email: emmakcrabtree@gmail.com

Phone: 0758939683


press / online

The Museum of Half Truths. 2020. 
Open 2: Touchstone - Hannah Carlile on Emma Crabtree. 2020.
Open 2: Thou Shalt Not Steal - Emma Crabtree on Hannah Carlile. 2020. 


Quivering in Quarantine. Volume V: The Sugared Sewer Pipe. Online. 2020.
GRADcurate Virtual Graduate Exhibition. 2020.
The Museum of Half Truths,
1a Space Hong Kong. 2020.

Leeds Arts University Online Degree Show 2020.
Off the Page, Old Red Bus Station 2019.
Final 1.jpeg, Colours May Vary 2019.


Winner of the LAP Books Artist Book Award 2020.