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Verses - Garden. Coming soon.
Lumpen Projects - Standard Deviation.
A Baroque Longing - Romy Day Winkel in ‘LIKE’. Available at san-serriffe.

Lumpen Archives: Touchstone. 2021.
Lumpen Archives: Wizard Story. 2021.
Emma Crabtree on visual poetry and finding beauty in ugly things - Creative Boom. 2021.
Touchstone: Artist Feature - Versesmag.com. 2021.
The Museum of Half Truths. 2020.
Open 2: Touchstone - Hannah Carlile on Emma Crabtree. 2020.
Open 2: Thou Shalt Not Steal - Emma Crabtree on Hannah Carlile. 2020.

Stockists include: Printed Matter, London Centre for Book Arts, Good Press, Village Books


Quivering in Quarantine. Volume V: The Sugared Sewer Pipe. Online. 2020.
GRADcurate Virtual Graduate Exhibition. 2020.
The Museum of Half Truths,
1a Space, Hong Kong. 2020.

Leeds Arts University Online Degree Show. 2020.
Pull & Print, Old Red Bus Station. 2019.
Final 1.jpeg, Colours May Vary. 2019.


Winner of the LAP Books Artist Book Award 2020.